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Pictures and videos we have made over the past few years. Enjoy!

Anonymous said: Where have you been???? I have missed that sexy arse of yours! Your arse is the reason g-strings were invented and dam it looks good on you!!!

Thanks, i couldnt keep up with the demand. Glad yoy like the g string , it went down well at the weekend !

1 year ago
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Anonymous said: Your back?!?!?!? Please stay for good this time it has been so long!!!!!!

Thanks :)

1 year ago
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Anonymous said: Are we ever going to see more of your tight little arse and his big fat cock???????

I hope so !

1 year ago
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Got some new pics to post guys :)
A lot of teasing at the minute, got to make him work for it!

A lot of teasing at the minute, got to make him work for it!

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1 year ago
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Anonymous said: Oh yeah peel that g string aside what happened next????

After a few drinks i got a good fucking !

1 year ago
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Hi everyone

I just wanted to say sorry for the down time, real life has encroached on our alone (photo taking) time. As soon as everything dies down we will be back with more pictures and videos!

Sorry again I hate to be a tease ; )

1 year ago
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